Looking to kill those annoying weeds with safer, kid-friendly lawn application?


If you have 30 dandelions in your yard, most lawn care companies spray the entire yard with harmful chemicals because it’s cheaper. Not us!




We choose quality over quantity. In our 6-Step program – dry and organic is used as much as possible. Rather than spray unnecessarily, we spot spray weeds to keep your lawn as chemical-free as possible. Spot spraying combined with our dry, slow release lawn application gives you longer lasting results with significantly fewer chemicals. The end result is amazing and more environmentally friendly. Safe lawn application ranks high in our most popular services for a reason. No one treats lawns like All Service Home and Lawn Care!


What does your 6-step program entail?

Glad you asked! Our 6-step program essentially means we treat your lawn over a six month period or approximately every 30 days, dependent on weather. Lawn applications start in April. Click here to book yours today! 


Why don’t you use liquid spray to treat lawns?

In our 6-step lawn application program, we use dry, slow-release pellets that stay in the ground 35-45 days compared to liquid spray, which lasts only 7-10 days. Liquid spray easily runs off and down the street with rain. This can harm pets and kids more easily. For these reasons, we only spot spray when needed and use dry pellets on your entire lawn for better, longer-lasting results. 

Your lawn is in trusted, skilled hands. 

One of the best and most experienced in the business, Kelly Netcott, our licensed applicator, has treated lawns with great care since 1983. 

*All Service Home and Lawn Care, LLC is fully insured and licensed for commercial and residential landscaping. Why is this important? An insured lawn care company protects you as the homeowner in case a worker gets hurt on the job!


  • Custom Designs
  • Digital Renderings of Blueprints
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Start to Completion Landscaping
  • Full landscape renovations


Services for Ames/Boone include:
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Aeration
  • Seeding / Grading
  • Dog Waste Removal


  • Kid and pet friendly
  • 6-step environmentally friendly program
  • Slow-release, dry chemicals
  • Spot spray only