Landscaping Outdoor Spaces

with Low Maintenance, High Quality Designs


Whether you need a completely redone landscape, want to add value to your home with a beautiful outdoor space, or need drainage issues fixed for good—we do it all.




Design to full installation projects. Landscape renovations. Retaining walls. Outdoor entertainment spaces. If you dream it, we can design and build it. No residential or commercial landscaping project is too small or large! 


At All Service Home and Lawn Care, we specialize in designing low maintenance, high quality evergreen landscaping. What does this mean? We think long-term and practically. You’re busy. We know you’d rather not spend your summer weekends maintaining your landscaping. So we choose low-maintenance, dwarf plants requiring less work from you to stay looking nice. These plants cost more upfront but ultimately can save you money in upkeep over their lifetime. 


Mulching, rocking, pruning, plant replacement – whatever is needed, we will gladly help!




We have been designing and installing quality, low-maintenance landscapes since 1991. We know not everyone has an eye for visualizing the end result. To solve that problem, we provide you with color digital renderings to help you visualize your new, polished outdoor space.  You’ll see all the plants and even your house in these prints. Don't like what you see? We'll change it in the conception stage before any landscape installation. 

With specific requests, custom blueprint designs can be done if you wish to install the landscaping.




Finding pooling water around your foundation? Water leaking in your basement? Took out sod for a new landscaping project and’ve got drainage issues? Most landscape drainage problems happen when water isn’t properly diverted away from the foundation or poor planned retaining wall around the house gets installed. We’ll gladly fix any drainage issues. 

A good landscape design ought to be 6-8 inches higher in the back so all drainage runs away from the house. We hold strictly to this as our standard. 


When you hire us for a landscaping project, rest assured we automatically address drainage issues, including problematic window wells.


*All Service Home and Lawn Care, LLC is fully insured and licensed for commercial and residential landscaping. Why is this important? An insured landscaping company protects you as homeowner in case a worker gets hurt on the job!


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  • Grading & Seeding
  • Start to Completion Landscaping
  • Full landscape renovations
  • Drainage Issues


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